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wallpaper app Timeto is a wallpaper changer which reinvents viewing and sharing photos on mobile.
All along the day, wallpaper app Timeto gives you moments of emotion, dream and evasion by broadcasting as wallpapers photos matching your centers of interest.

How does it work?
∙ Browse Timeto Stories (wallpaper photo albums) in the Newsfeed.
∙ Discover artworks shared by a selection of artists, photographers and designers.
∙ Add your favorite Stories to your Playlist. The Playlist can contain over 100 photos.
∙ Broadcast your Playlist as wallpapers on your lock-screen, home-screen and screensaver.
∙ wallpaper changer Timeto changes your wallpapers automatically each time you unlock your phone or at the chosen frequency.
Create Stories with your own photos and share them with your followers.
∙ Your followers discover your publications automatically as wallpapers on their phones, without opening an app.

Choose wallpapers you want to see
∙ Follow hashtags to feed your Playlist automatically with Stories matching your centers of interest.
∙ Follow the hashtag of the week with a new artist Story shared every day.
∙ Follow the accounts of your friends and artists to feed your Playlist automatically.
∙ Invite your friends to join you on wallpaper app Timeto.
∙ Like, comment and repost Stories by SMS, Email and on social networks.